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Secure Mobility Solution Meets Regulatory Compliance

Napa County Keeps Agency Information Secure as More Employees Use Mobile Devices

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Good Technology, Inc.

Oct 2011

World-famous for its wines, Napa County is also becoming well known as an innovative user of mobile software as well as smart devices—including the iPhone and iPad, to enhance worker productivity and make effective use of tax dollars across the county’s 26 agencies. Napa County relies on Good for Enterprise to keep agency and citizen information secure, as more and more employees use smartphones and tablets to do their jobs.


Host to Northern California’s premier wine country, Napa County currently ranks—along with Italy, France, and Spain—as one of the world’s preeminent producers and influencers of varietal wines. The county government consists of 26 individual agencies, including those dedicated to law enforcement, healthcare, education, auditing, and public service.

Solution Overview

BUSINESS SITUATION: Napa County needed to find a secure mobility solution that supports the devices employees want while meeting the county’s strict security policies to ensure regulatory compliance.
SOLUTION: Good for Enterprise is a powerful, secure, and easy-to-use enterprise mobility solution that delivers comprehensive security, flexible management, extensive collaboration, and device choice.
BENEFITS: Napa County is implementing a hybrid model of individual- and county-liable devices to support the needs of its 26 agencies.
  • Good for Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Mobile access to Microsoft SharePoint
  • Securing Apple devices: iPhone, iPad
  • iOS Platform
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • HIPAA, HITECH, and SB1386


Like most businesses and government agencies today, a significant segment of Napa County employees love to use Apple’s iPhones and iPads. So much so, they insist on bringing these devices to work. “To accommodate this demand while balancing the unique responsibilities of a county government, Napa embraces both individual- and county-liable models depending on the needs of each agency,” says Gary Coverdale, Chief Information Security Officer and Assistant Chief Information Officer for Napa County.

“As a government entity, we’re also under incredible pressure to comply with a number of local, state, and federal regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, and the State of California data breach disclosure law,” says Coverdale. “This means we’re subject to high penalties if the data on tablets and other smart devices isn’t secured properly.”

For example, HITECH holds healthcare organizations, such as Napa County’s Health and Human Services department, to a very high level of responsibility for breach of patient information. Under HITECH, if a breach compromises the privacy and security of a patient’s information and poses a significant risk of financial, reputational, or other harm, patients must be notified.

Because of the significant financial penalties associated with data breaches, Napa County needed a mobility solution that could secure data on both individual- and county-liable devices.


Good for Enterprise is currently used on iPhones and iPads by many of Napa County’s departments. Within the next year, Good will support hundreds of employees across all of the County’s agencies. A large percentage of new Good users will come from people who want to switch from their current devices to products offered by Apple.

“In addition to being cool, iPhones and iPads allow employees to work directly on their mobile devices,” says Coverdale. “Many folks don’t even look at their laptops or PCs for email, calendar, or contact functionality any more. This is another reason we need Good for Enterprise—so there is foolproof security on employee-owned mobile devices to protect sensitive information.”

Napa County’s law enforcement agency is evaluating Good for Enterprise on the iPad for information exchange and to provide secure access to Web-based applications to collaborate with other law enforcement agencies. The Good secure browser has already been implemented for some County employees to access internal SharePoint sites, which will increase productivity while on the road. “Our Health and Human Services agency is also a prime candidate for Good on the iPad,” says Coverdale. “Our healthcare workers need to be mobile for client interviews and on-the-fly clinical work. It’s much more efficient for them to do their jobs without being tethered to their PCs or even laptops.”

"Because Good allows IT to secure information while letting employees choose the devices that make them most productive, I can envision every county in the country using Good for Enterprise to secure and manage their mobile devices."

Gary Cloverdale: Chief Information Security Officer and Assistant Chief Information Officer


As Good for Enterprise becomes a more integral part of Napa County’s mobility strategy, the results and benefits are clear. Specifically, Good delivers:

Regulatory compliance. Good for Enterprise protects county and public data by separating it from an employee’s personal information and placing it in an encrypted, secure container on the device. Data is also encrypted when it is sent over the air. These features, combined with Good for Enterprise’s security capabilities, such as password policy enforcement; prevention of cut, copy, and paste from the secure container; and remote wipe help reduce the risk of data loss to unsecured consumer applications. Good’s end-to-end security allows Napa to adhere to HIPAA, HITECH, and SB1386 rules, even when an iPhone or iPad is lost or stolen.

Enterprise applications. To function efficiently, Napa’s agencies require mobile access to Microsoft SharePoint sites in addition to email, calendar, and contact information. Good’s secure browser within Good for Enterprise has proven to be a valuable tool for safely accessing SharePoint functionality while employees are on the go.

“We like to be slightly ahead of the curve,” says Coverdale. “Soon, we want to create and run our own app catalog to deploy the inhouse and third-party mobile applications our employees require to be most productive.” This would further Napa County’s position as an innovative organization that uses technology to improve productivity while reducing costs for taxpayers.

Mobile management. Until the adoption of Good for Enterprise, mobile devices were disruptive to both employees and IT. Now, Good’s Web-based management console allows the County to update security policies over the air without disrupting employees. Good for Enterprise also allows IT to quickly troubleshoot problems and get workers up and running as quickly as possible.

Business enablement. With Good for Enterprise, Napa County’s IT department can now say “yes” to key employees who want to bring their Apple devices to work. “This is a huge win-win-win for employees, IT, and the County,” says Coverdale. “And because most employees using Apple products are already enthusiastic users of the iOS platform, we rarely need to spend valuable time teaching them how to use Good on their devices. IT is now seen as an enabler that helps employees get their jobs done on the devices they want to use.”

“Mobility is an environment we must enthusiastically embrace,” acknowledges Coverdale. “Because Good allows IT to secure information while letting employees choose the devices that make them most productive, I can envision every county in the country using Good for Enterprise to secure and manage their mobile devices.”

Napa County is implementing a hybrid model of individual- and county-liable devices to support the needs of its 26 agencies.
  • Substantial cost savings from adopting an individual-liable model
  • Flexibility to support a county-liable model that fits the specific needs of agencies such as law enforcement
  • AES-192 encryption addresses regulatory requirements even if devices are lost or stolen
  • Security and compliance policies reduce the risk of data breaches on mobile devices and limit potential financial damages
  • Employees are more productive using the iPhones and iPads they already know how to use
  • Workers have secure mobile access to county email, data, and applications
  • IT is seen as an enabler by employees
  • Easy management allows IT to reallocate resources to top-priority projects.

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